Wand Vibrators and attachments

Wand Vibrators and attachments
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Abia Selene Wand Massager Pink
Pink Abia Silicone wand vibrator now available in Cyprus at Powerful wand massage..
Ex Tax: 50€
Alise vibrating full body intimate massager
  Alise vibrating full body massagers Description A silky, dreamily curvy vibe that makes..
Ex Tax: 117€
Aurora Body Wand Massaging Vibrator
ToyJoy Aurora body wand massager and vibrator The powerful Aurora wand massager is easy to use than..
Ex Tax: 119€
Bling Clitoris Wand Massager Black
Pocket size bling Clitoris Wand Massager in Black color option The smallest wand massager ever! M..
Ex Tax: 16€
Bling Clitoris Wand Massager Pink
Bling Clitoris Wand Massager Pink The smallest wand massager ever! Massage and stimulate extensiv..
Ex Tax: 16€
Bliss Tips Silicone Wand Vibrator Attachment
Silicone Wand Massager Head Attachment Attach this sleeve on the head of your wand vibrator and dri..
Ex Tax: 33€
Deep Glider Wand Massager Vibrator Attachment
Fit it on the head of your Wand Vibrator and stimulate, endlessly, the G spot. Men can use it to- th..
Ex Tax: 33€
Doxy Super Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator
Unquestionably the most powerfull Wand massager and Vibrator in the world. Best Porn movie producers..
Ex Tax: 159€
Doxy Wand Massager and Vibrator
Why Doxy? The most powerful wand massager in the world Perfect for all-over body massage M..
Ex Tax: 119€
Ecsta-Seat positioning cushion pillow
The No One must-to-have wand massaging vibrator accessory ever Slip into ecstasy with this uniquely..
Ex Tax: 125€
Embrace Silicone Body Wand Massager and couples vibrator
California Exotic Novelties U.S.A, has fullfilled the dream of every individual who wish to purchase..
Ex Tax: 83€
Forced Orgasm Belt
   SEE THE PRODUCT VIDEO ABOVE - Wand attachment belt - Play with your wand with ha..
Ex Tax: 83€


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