Delay Sprays, Gels, Creams and condoms

Delay Sprays, Gels, Creams and condoms

Premature Ejaculation Solutions for men

For Men who desire to stop and eliminate premature ejaculation and restore their manhoods pride. Premature ejaculation solutions in four different forms. Desensitizing Sprays, gels, creams and delay condoms. We offer a German made Delay Cream and Delay spray that will provide a healthy alternative to overcoming one of the biggest Mens problem, the Premature Ejaculation.The U.S.A Doc Johnson delay spray and cream. No more sad faces. Cheer up and extent your sexual activity. Keep your ladies happy.

  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Sprays
  • Delay condoms


For very extreme premature ejaculation situations we suggest the use - combination of any gel, cream and liquid spray with delay condoms

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Bull Power Delay Gel 30 ml
Cobeco Bull Power Gel delays ejaculation. Be the Bull that she always wanted.  Premature ej..
Ex Tax: 15€
China Brush Delay Solution Mild
China Brush Delay Solution 2.6ml for men suffering from premature ejaculation Go for longer and d..
Ex Tax: 10€
China Brush Rui Shen Oil Strong
Rui Shen Oil You Herbal Lotion Male Long Lasting Erection fights premature ejaculation. China Brush..
Ex Tax: 16€
Doc Johnson Proloonging Delay Spray For Men 59ml
Delay Spray for real men by Doc Johnson U.S.A We are in the pleasant position to announce that we h..
Ex Tax: 16€
Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream 59ml
Doc Johnson® Sta-Erect Delay Cream 59ml - The number one cream against premature ejaculation by Doc ..
Ex Tax: 16€
Durex Performa delay condoms
Durex Performa delay condoms European made - Pack of 12 condoms It’s the secret to longer-lasting..
Ex Tax: 14€
Eros Prolong 101 Delay Spray
Do you desire prolonged enjoyment during love play? EROS Prolong 101 Care Spray was specially develo..
Ex Tax: 10€
JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray
JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray Maximize your pleasure with System JO Prolonger Desensitizing Sp..
Ex Tax: 18€
JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray 2ml
JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray 2ml Maximize your pleasure with System JO Prolonger Desensitizin..
Ex Tax: 6€
JO Prolonger Gel 60ml
JO Prolonger Gel 60ml Maximize the pleasure with JO® Prolonger Gel! Decrease sensitivity and impr..
Ex Tax: 19€
Pasante Delay Condoms
Pasante Delay Condoms Pack of 12 pieces - Pasante Infinity performance enhancing condoms in a box of..
Ex Tax: 10€
Stud 100
Stud 100™ Delay Spray - 100% authentic version The authentic Stud 100™ male genital desensitizer ..
Ex Tax: 16€


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