Our Sex Shops Location

Where is your sex shop located in Cyprus? I would like to visit you. I have never visited a sex shop before in Cyprus and i feel little embarrassed.

Our Love Boutique is in Limassol

We welcome you to our newly opened Love boutique in Limassol. Build with love and care in a 200sq.m open plan shop which accomodates more that 3500 products.
Situated on Omonoias Avenue 102 A - 3048 Limassol- First floor and it is open 6 days a week.



Opening hours
From Monday to Saturday - 10.00 till 13.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00.



As for Sundays and Public holidays, only after a telephone call arrangement.

Payment - Now, we accept Credit card payments. Thank you JCC payment systems!!
How to contact us?




Our SexShop- Warehouse in Cyprus – Location
Now we own both a store and a shop of 500 sq. meters in Limassol. Inside the store we have modified a small exhibition area of 80sq.m, so for you to visit. At this very moment, we accommodate more than 2500 products. Please click on Store Room Location to access Street address – Google map – Telephone number – Fax number

DO not feel embarrassed at all!  We offer 100% Discretion- 100% Anonymity- 100% Privacy during your visiting time!
 If you wish to pay us a visit, kindly call on 99-288845 first and make an appointment. The reason is simple. When you come here, we would like to offer you the best possible attention and service combine with full privacy, anonymity and discretion. We prefer that you and your friends are alone and shopping in complete privacy, rather having strangers standing nearby watching and listening. We prefer this too because it has been proven out the time that most of you prefer to express yourselves only when you feel alone. Most of our clients do not like to talk out personal issues, ideas, likes and dislikes when “others” are standing nearby. So, here we are to offer you a complete privacy. A sex shop, in Cyprus, at your service and in complete privacy. What else can we do for you?
We do not maintain signs out of our shop, therefore nobody knows what we really deal with. We do not have next door neighbors anyway.  We do have a huge car parking space for your convenience.
Languages we speak
Our Assistant speaks fluently 3 languages. Greek, English and German.

We want you to feel one with us. We want you to know that we are not here to grab and run but to stay and serve you for ever, as we have been doing since April 2006. On the next link you can see where our store is located. Store Room Location


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