Sexual Aids

We provide only herbal products. CyprusSexShop offers the biggest selection of  Herbal Aphrodisiac Sex Enhancers that can aid everyone’s sexual life. Sex boosters  like aphrodisiac Spanish fly, Pheremones that can drive any man and woman sexually crazy. Penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams, penis growth enlargement pumps, premature Ejaculation delay spray, premature ejaculation delay gel, Condoms, erotic massage lubricant, anal lubricant. Please, note that we do not sell any chemical pharamceutical medicine since this act is against the law in Cyprus and in EEU countries.

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 FleshLube Water Based 100 ml
FLESHLUBE SPOT from Jon Hamlin Prophet on Vimeo. FleshLube Water Based 100 ml- Ideal lubrican..
Ex Tax: 15€
12 Skins Black Chock condoms pack
A CyprusSexShop homemade pack of 12 Skins Black Chock condoms -  is considered one of the most ..
Ex Tax: 8€
12 Skins condoms Natural
Clear Looking, Great Smelling, Natural Feeling! Nominated as, "The Best Natural Condom you can Bu..
Ex Tax: 8€
12 Skins Dots and Ribs condoms
Skins condoms - Dots & Ribs for extra sensation and feeling. You would like to use a condom that..
Ex Tax: 8€
12 Skins Extra Large Condoms
Skins Extra Large Condoms are now available in Cyprus and Greece by Super large ..
Ex Tax: 8€
12 Skins Ultra Thin Condoms
Ultra Thin - Extra Thin Skins condoms now available in Cyprus and Greece by So t..
Ex Tax: 8€
6 Durex Pleasuremax condoms pack
6 Durex Pleasuremax condoms pack The Durex Pleasuremax condom boasts some seriously unique features..
Ex Tax: 9€
Agape Personal Lubricant
Agape Personal Lubricant Formulated specially for women who desire the silky smooth feel of JO wi..
Ex Tax: 12€
Amsterdam Gold Original 25ml
Original extra strong Gold Amsterdam 25 ml ..
Ex Tax: 10€
Amsterdam Special 30ml
Amsterdam Special 30ml big bottle The Original Amsterdam Special 30ml is now available at CyprusSe..
Ex Tax: 16€
Amsterdam XXX Aroma 10ml
Amsterdam XXX Aroma 10ml A bottle of Amsterdam XXX Aroma 10ml, can make mediocre sex good, and good..
Ex Tax: 7€
Anal Lube Cobeco 50ml
Anal Lube Cobeco 50ml Odourless Condom safe Odourless water based anal gel type lubric..
Ex Tax: 8€


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