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Sex Shop Cyprus history in Cyprus.

Cyprus, the island of sex, love and passion. The island of Olympian God Dionysos and Goddess Aphrodite.

Cyprus is an island with long history in regards to sex. Cypriots are sex maniacs and since ancient times, they have been using primitive erotic, sex toys. Cypriots are Love making machines. Ancient God Dionysus was the God of sex, wine and entertainment. Ancient God Dionysus was forming orgy parties in order to amuse himself and his quests. DIONYSOS was the great Olympian God of Wine-Drinking, Parting, Homosexuality and Effeminacy. The God who was depicted as either an older bearded god or a pretty effeminate, long-haired youth. The God whose name is synonymous to Sex and parting. The God who has been loved more than anything in Pafos.

Shopping Sex toys in Cyprus.

Shopping erotic toys is easy. We have opened up a sex shop in Limassol. CyprusSexShop can provide all sorts of sex toys such as lesbian sex toys, men gay sex toys, sex and erotic lingerie, men's sex toys, women’s sex toys, Dildos, Vibrators, swingers Sex Toys, vibrators, strap Ons , massage oils, delay sprays, erotic and essential lubricants, erotic toys in Cyprus, anal sex toys in Cyprus and bondage gear in Cyprus.

 Do you onw a shop? I would like to visit it?

We own a shop of 250 sq. meters in Limassol. Inside the store we have modified a small exhibition area of 80sq.m, so for you to visit. At this very moment, we accommodate more than 2500 products. Please click Here on Store Room Location to access Street address – Google map – Telephone number – Fax number

Cobeco Pharma and CyprusSexShop
As from 6th of May 2011, our company has come to an agreement with Cobeco Pharma, a Dutch herbal pharmaceutical producer and wholesale company to promote, market and sale the whole entire production line.   
Cobeco has mainly 4 different product lines to offer.

•    Erotic products
•    Cosmetics for Men and Women.
•    Health products
•    Lifestyle products.
•    Pleasure products.

All 5 categories will be promoted, market and sold through our website. Special promotion will be done for the Sex, Erotic pharmaceutical Products, like penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams and gels, stimulating creams and tablets for both men and women. Pheromones, for both men and women, Spanish flies. Breast enlargement cream and jell. Delay spray and delay gel will play. Stimulating gel for women and stimulating gel for men.

Breast enlargement cream.

Ladies, as from now, you don’t have to think of adding silicon into your breasts. Cobeco Pharma and CyprusSexShop have a herbal solution for enlarging your breasts.
Our New International Marketing - Advertising - Sales Blog - Website.

New international website is almost ready to be launged soon.

Our new and far more advance website is getting prepared and designed as of this moment. It is expected to be lounged in January 2012. This website will be targeting all European, Middle East and African countries.
Due to the excellent geographical position of Cyprus, we are marketing customers from all neighboring countries such as Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, United Arab Emirates to export and supply sex toys and sex pharmaceuticals.

LELO in Cyprus - The worlds Premium Remote - Controlled Body Massagers and Vibrators.

Proudly, we announce the arrival of Lelo in Cyprus. As from December 2012, our company has managed to come to an agreement with the well-known Swedish high quality, premium, luxury, sex toy manufacturer LELO. We have imported 16 different products and in January 2013, we aim to double the range. Our goal is to create the first Adults shop in Limassol and Nicosia where customers will feel the new concept of European style and finesse. Lelo’s philosophy is an inspiration to us which motivates us to proceed and open the first Adult Shop in Limassol mid-2013. Please feel free to visit our Lelo range on the following link   LELO RANGE

Tourists visiting Cyprus and wish to purchase Sex Toys.

I am a tourist and visiting Cyprus and i wish to buy sex toys? Where can I find your Sex Shop store room? How can I contact you? How can you deliver to me?
First of all, CyprusSexShop welcomes you to Cyprus and wishes you a pleasant and erotic stay on the island of Love.
To come in touch with Cyprus Sex Shop is easy. You can do this via email or direct phone call on (+357) country code if calling from abroad and – 99 288845
Our stuff speak fluent English and Greek.
If you wish to visit our store room, then it can be arranged over the phone, straight away.
Our store room is located in Limassol and access to it is easy. Directions will be given to you or the taxi driver (if you use one) over the phone

For further information, please visit the following link

Hand to Hand delivery at your hotel.
If you wish to have your order delivered to you, at your hotel, then yes, this is possible too. Delivery will be completed by a local courier company with a surcharged of 5 €, hand to hand. For orders above 69 €, delivery is free of charge.
We keep full discretion and anonymity on all deliveries. 100% discreet packaging.
If you wish to contact us and place your order, via email, then please do so at

Where can you find Sex Shops in Cyprus?
Now days, Sex shops are all over Cyprus. You can find Sex Shops in Nicosia, Sex Shops in Limassol, Sex Shops in Larnaca, Sex Shops in Paphos, Sex Shop in Paralimni, Sex Shop in Agia Napa. People in Cyprus, find it a lot easy to shop on line in Cyprus rather than physically to visit any shop. It’s cheaper too. Shopping sex toys with CyprusSexShop is easy, discreet and fast. Same day delivery and most importantly, nobody needs to know your sexual preferences. Right? So, the Sex Shop Cyprus is here.
The Orgasm ball, the ultimate sex toy arrived in Cyprus. The ultimate fucking machine that produces nonstop orgasms. We have brought the ultimate sex machine in Cyprus.

CyprusSexShop is strongly opposing to child pornography and as parents we will do anything to protect our children. We strongly believe in the welfare and safety of our children. We created Cyprus Sex Shop with one thing in mind, to spice up peoples sexual lives.


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