Bondage Restraints

Bondage Restraints
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 Body to Wrist Bondage restraint.
Tight up your partner’s wrist with the rest of the body with a special designed leather belt and hav..
39€ 29€
Ex Tax: 24€
 Neck to Wrist Bondage Restraint.
Leather bondage neck to wrists restraint for hot and passionate bondage moments. Immobilise your sex..
Ex Tax: 33€
Bad Kitty 3 Pieces Bondage Set
Bad Kitty 3 Pieces Bondage Set For the ultimate in bondage games: two bondage straps and a rope. ..
Ex Tax: 24€
Bad Kitty 4 Piece Bed Restraint Kit
Bad Kitty 4 Piece Bed Restraint Kit - The ultimate butget bed restrain fetish kit Dreaming of lu..
Ex Tax: 28€
Bad Kitty All-over Restraints
Bad Kitty All-over heavy duty four point Neck, arms and legs metalic Restraints Bdsm - Bondage is b..
Ex Tax: 41€
Bad Kitty Handcuffs Ankle Cuffs Set
Handcuffs and Ankle Cuffs Set by Bad Kitty Germany Set made up of padded handcuffs and ankle cuffs ..
Ex Tax: 24€
Bad Kitty Neck and arm Restraints
Bad Kitty Neck And Arm Restraint Set, an excellent bondage play set that restrains the arms and hand..
Ex Tax: 16€
Bad Kitty Red Fetish set Giant
The complete Fetish BDSM set that brings couples sensually "closer". Bad Kitty Red Fetish Set Giant ..
Ex Tax: 33€
Bare Bondage Hogtie
Bare Bondage Hogtie Stylish transparent vinyl hogtie fastens to wrist and ankle cuffs from NS Nov..
Ex Tax: 11€
BDSM Harness
BDSM Harness for extreme fetish fantasy bedroom games by Bad Kitty. Harness with straps around neck..
Ex Tax: 24€
Black Hog Tie Combi Set Bad Kitty
Hog Tie Bondage combi set of Wrist Cuffs with Ankle Restraints by Bad Kitty Looking for real bdsm g..
Ex Tax: 50€
Black Leather Wrist Ankle restrains with chain
Ex Tax: 17€


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